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Research Brief
M-DCPS: 2012-2013 Student Performance in International Baccalaureate and Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education Programs
Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High had the highest percentage of Cambridge students receiving AICE diplomas (76%). Also, we offer the MOST AICE Cambridge courses with the HIGHEST passing rates! We are extremely proud of students and teachers for their diligent work! Thank you for making our school the BEST AICE Cambridge school in Miami-Dade County.

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The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is an international pre-university curriculum and examination system for academically able students. It is a flexible, broad based, two-year curriculum, which is being offered worldwide in schools and colleges. AICE features courses written specifically as preparation for honors degree programs. It encourages high academic standards and provides an ideal basis for study at the college and university level. The AICE program at Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High School includes a Pre-AICE program for freshman and sophomores with advancement to the Advanced International Certificate of Education Program during the junior and senior years. An AICE diploma is awarded on the basis of examination scores and coursework performance during six-cull-credit courses. The full AICE diploma ensures that all students follow a broad and balanced academic program. Advanced Subsidiary (AS) certificates listing subjects passed is issued to those students who do not earn the full diploma. Within this framework, AICE offers an extremely flexible curriculum, which can be tailored to students' interests, abilities and future plans. The AICE program is an innovative and accelerated method of study offered though the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) in the United Kingdom. For over 160 years the prestigious University of Cambridge had been setting worldwide curriculum standards through their examinations. American universities have responded enthusiastically to AICE. The Florida Legislature has identified AICE as an acceleration mechanism and students can be awarded up to 30 hours of credit. Students who complete the AICE curriculum will be provided with the best possible foundation for advanced post secondary studies anywhere in the world. Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High School is proud to offer the Cambridge curriculum to its student body.

Benefits of a Cambridge Curriculum

AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) courses and examinations are equivalent to first year college and university courses (See Course Equivalents for more detail).

Students who pass the battery of six examinations are awarded the AICE Diploma directly by the University of Cambridge . Students who do not earn the AICE Diploma are given credit for those examinations they do pass and are awarded individual General Certificates of Education by Cambridge .

AICE and Pre-AICE teachers at Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High School are trained and certified directly by Cambridge . Each of the courses strictly follows a course syllabus that is designed by Cambridge professors.

The AICE program of study at Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High School offers students one of the most demanding and rigorous college preparatory programs in the world. The State of Florida Universities and the Bright Futures Scholarship Program each award one extra quality point for students who successfully complete a Pre-AICE and/or AICE course with a "C" or better.

Students in the Cambridge Academy are given the flexibility to choose a course of study that best meets their abilities and interests. After completing at least one course in each of the three academic areas, students can choose the other three courses they wish to take.

AICE students are better prepared to be successful at the University level upon graduation from high school. A study recently done by Bill Kolb, director of admissions at the University of Florida , showed that AICE students performed better during their freshman year at UF, than students who took IB, AP and Dual Enrollment courses.

Acceleration Mechanism Average GPA During Freshman Year None (honors or regular classes) 2.60 Dual Enrollment 2.65 Advanced Placement (AP) 3.02 International Baccalaureate (IB) 3.08 Advanced International Certificate in Education (AICE) 3.46

Of the above-mentioned AICE students, only 4 of 30 students in the study had less than 3.0 GPA in their first year at the University of Florida.

Admission Requirements

Students must submit an application to the AICE office to be reviewed. The criteria reviewed includes:

  • Grades (minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA)

  • FCAT Scores (minimum 3 or above)

  • Math Placement Test

  • Teacher recommendations (one each from English, Math, and Science)

  • Conduct records

  • Attendance records



How to Apply

Incoming Eighth Grade Students:
Applications are accepted during the spring semester for the following school year. To apply to the Cambridge Academy, please contact your middle school guidance counselor for an application or print the application. Instructions for completion of the application are included. Teacher recommendation forms should be given to the appropriate teacher.

Current Reagan/Doral High School Students:
Please contact the Cambridge office for an application. This should be completed promptly and returned to the Cambridge office so that your application can be reviewed as quickly as possible.

For assistance, please contact the Patrick Vega, Cambridge Coordinator at (305) 805-1900 ext 2126.

Cambridge AICE Frequently Asked Questions


What is AICE?

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is an international diploma that students can earn via an advanced academic curriculum and assessment program written and administered by a non-profit department (CIE) of the University of Cambridge in England. AICE program courses and examinations may be offered during grades 11 and 12 in schools worldwide registered as CIE Centres. There is an optional pre-AICE, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), curriculum and assessment program available for grades 9 and 10 with most subjects available at two levels (extended and core) suitable for honors or regular high school students.


What are the benefits of AICE?

AICE not only prepares student to get into a university with up to 30 hours of college credit, but it also provides them with the skills required to be successful once there. A study done by the Director of Admissions found that AICE program graduates attending the University of Florida had an average end of the year GPA of 3.46 whereas students coming from other acceleration mechanisms such as Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) had an average GPA of 3.12 and 3.10 respectively. A similar study conducted at University of Virginia found the same results.


What do I have to do to earn an AICE Diploma?

Students must pass six credits worth of examinations. At least one examination must come from each of the three subject groups: Mathematics and Sciences, Languages, and Arts and Humanities. Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level exams count for one credit and Advanced (A) Level exams count for two credits.


What is the difference between AS and A Level exams?

Advanced (A) Level Syllabuses and exams cover approximately two years of college-level curriculum in a subject. The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level syllabus and exam covers the first year of the two-year A Level curriculum. An AS Level exam counts for one credit towards the AICE Diploma. The A Level exam counts for two credits.


What syllabuses are included in the three AICE subject group areas?

Over 40 different subject syllabuses are available. Most subjects are offered at both the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level and Advanced (A) Level. A complete list is available at the University of Cambridge International Examinations website.


How do AICE examination grades compare with the US grading scale?

Passing grades available on AICE exams range from A to E with A being the highest. Performance of students below the threshold of a CIE grade of E receives a grade of U, ungraded, which is not considered as passing. A DOE AICE program study found that a CIE grade of E most closely correlated with an Advanced Placement exam grade of 3 and a US grade of C.


Do many universities give college credits for AICE exams passed?

Yes. University of Cambridge International Examinations publishes a list on their website (go to click on the ‘Recognition’ tab and then scroll down to the ‘Useful documents’ section) of US universities that have provided written statements of their AICE (which includes AS and A Levels) recognition policy. If a university admissions counselor is unfamiliar with AICE, it is suggested you ask to speak to the international applications counselor. All public universities and community colleges in Florida award up to 30 hours of college credit for AICE exams passed.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about the Cambridge Program, please contact:

Patrick M. Vega

AICE Coordinator

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