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Career Technology Education - CTE

Academies are specialized learning communities within our school that are designed to prepare students for post-secondary life while providing significant skills in specialized career areas.

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) program is an international pre-university curriculum and examination system for academically able students.  AICE is internationally recognized as a university-level qualification and is committed to a flexible curriculum with global acceptance while maintaining the academic rigor that is a keystone of Cambridge. 

The Classical Fine Arts academy provides students an intensive results oriented curriculum that gives students the opportunity to express themselves. 


Class Offerings:

  • Art / Ceramics

  • Creative Photography

  • AP Studio 2D

  • Theater

  • Stagecraft

  • Ballet

  • Dance Repertory

  • Eurythmics

  • Choreography & Performance

  • Band

  • Orchestra

  • Jazz Ensemble

The Teacher Academy provides the opportunity for students to establish an early connection to teaching and learning and to careers in Education thus creating future leaders for our community. The Teaching Academy provides a long-term systematic pipeline to raise homegrown educators through a four year cohort program in partnership with Florida International University. Up to date, research indicates current and future needs for professionals in the area of teaching. Highly effective teachers are in great demand specifically in areas such as Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  

                                        Class Offerings:

Research 1: Students dive into the world of STEAM. 

FIU Dual Enrollment Courses offered in our campus:

EDF 1005 - Introduction to Education  - 

EDF 2085 - Teaching Diverse Populations

SLS 1501 - First Year Experience

DEP 2000 - Human Growth and Development

SPC 2608 - Public Speaking

SYG 2000 - Introduction to Sociology





Career and Technical Education offer students a unique perspective into a field of study that they might want to pursue upon their graduation from high school. The program areas included Virtual Reality/Programming, Culinary Arts, Business Education, TV Production, and Adobe certifications. Students will have the opportunity to achieve professional certifications in industry-recognized technologies. Those credentials effectively validates their mastery in areas such as graphic design, animation, web design, business applications and virtual reality. 


Class Offerings:

Culinary Arts 3 Levels

Microsoft Office - MOS certification

Virtual Reality - Gaming - Unity Certification

Adobe Photoshop - ACA Certification

Adobe Illustrator - ACA Certification

Adobe Dreamweaver - ACA Certification

Adobe Premiere - ACA Certification

Adobe InDesign - ACA Certification

Adobe After Effects - ACA Certification

Mr. Patrick M. Vega

Cambridge Coordinator

Ms. Alicia M. Romero

CFA Coordinator

Ms. Karla L. Lopez

TA Coordinator

Mr. Jamie Gant

CTE Coordinator

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